Our Story

Top Mark Uniforms started out as an idea between two friends Andy & Gareth after they saw an opportunity to improve on the service that was currently available in their local area. Initially starting out as a School Uniform supplier, they quickly saw the opportunity to offer their industry leading customer service and products to every customer needing high quality embroidered and printed personalised clothing and accessories.

Andy – “Queuing outside in the rain for 30 minutes whilst waiting to buy my children, Ryley and Tianna’s, school uniform wasn’t the ideal afternoon I had planned one summer afternoon. When I said to my wife, Ceri, to leave it and we’ll go somewhere else to buy it, I was reliably informed this is the only place in town you could buy it!!”

And from this one experience, and Andy discussing it on the schoolyard with Gareth, Top Mark Uniforms was born. Years’ of training, commitment, dedication and research followed in order for both guys to understand the industry, the materials, the processes’ and the techniques involved to create top quality embroidered or printed garments/accessories.

Gareth – “Having known Andy for a few years, as my son, Noah, and Ryley are best friends in school, and both play rugby together, I was on board with his idea of setting up an Embroidery and Garment Print business, as I too could relate to his frustrations when trying to buy School Uniform. Not only that, having worked in the Charity sector for numerous years, I always struggled to find a consistent, reliable provider of printed hoodies/T-shirts, and so this was an opportunity to put that right”